Volunteering in Nigeria can be difficult!

Volunteers sometimes find it difficult to identify the ‘right’ social initiative, events or NGO to work with. Searching for the information can be overwhelming!

Here’s how Kinnect helps:

We aim to be your one-stop shop for information on social causes and organizations. If there’s a volunteer opportunity, you’ll find it here!

How do I know an NGO or Social Initiative is legit?

This is a valid question. How do you know the organization you want to work with, is registered and doing what they claim they are doing? You don’t want your time or resources going to waste!

Here’s how Kinnect helps:

Before organizations or causes are included in the Kinnect database, we do the research for you to ensure that they are legitimate. Rest assured, anything listed on our database has been screened and passed the test.

It’s always the same causes and same organizations. I’m interested in volunteering for something different!

Sometimes, it seems it’s the same organizations asking for the same thing in the same way.

Here’s how Kinnect helps:

We understand that our volunteers are diverse people and sympathetic to a variety of causes, so we make sure that our network of NGOs and projects span a wide range including:

Access to Justice & Human Rights

Animal Rights

Children’s Rights

Civic Participation

Community & Cultural Development


Disaster Relief



Food Security

Gender Equality & Rights


Homelessness & Housing

Peace Building/Education

People with Disabilities

Poverty Alleviation


Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Youth Development

Coordinating and organizing volunteer events can be such a hassle!

We know! The logistics and publicity that goes into planning and organizing events can sometimes be overwhelming. So even when you have a good idea, and so much passion, sometimes it never translates into more than just that.

Here’s how Kinnect helps:

The Kinnect platform makes this easy…. On Kinnect, you can initiate a project, and look for volunteers and resources to support! Kinnect serves as a go-to website that makes the planning and social publicity easier. Logistics and coordination can also be done (to a degree) on the Kinnect website. Voila, the idea to action!

Our Volunteers a.k.a Kinnecters


Kinnect volunteers are young at heart and drawn together to the common goal of making society better. Volunteers are recruited through our online platform, word of mouth, and at organized social events. The strength of the Kinnect family is that each Kinnecter is unique — bringing new experiences, and skills. All you need is just to be YOU, you awesome you!

What’s the value-add to Volunteers?

  • Volunteers can help a worthy cause, while also honing on their abilities and building their resume.

  • Volunteers can leverage the network to recruit other volunteers and resources for special projects.

  • Have fun and network – a great way to meet like-minded people (become part of an exciting and fun network of people making a difference).

  • Build their knowledge and skills.