Due to the generous support and contribution of volunteers and donors like you, Kinnect is able to achieve our mission of redefining the concept of kinship by connecting people, ideas, and resources to solve societal problems. We sincerely appreciate the support and investment in Kinnect. With your continuous support, we know we can do more good.

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Kinnect volunteers are young at heart and drawn together to the common goal of making society better. Volunteers are recruited through our online platform, word of mouth, and at organized social events.

The strength of the Kinnect family is that each Kinnecter is unique — bringing new experiences, and skills. All you need is just to be YOU, you awesome you!

What’s the value-add to Volunteers?

  • Volunteers can help a worthy cause, while also honing on their abilities and building their resume.

  • Volunteers can leverage the network to recruit other volunteers and resources for special projects.

  • Have fun and network – a great way to meet like-minded people (become part of an exciting and fun network of people making a difference).

  • Build their knowledge and skills.


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Partner with us. We are stronger together!

Kinnect will partner with a wide range of nonprofit organizations that are addressing a myriad of social and environmental issues.

Our corporate partner’s support and dedication to our mission, allows us to do more good for more people! If you would like to join them please contact us at hello@gokinnect.org or partnership@gokinect.org

Do you know that you can use the Kinnect database to start a project?

You’ve had something on your heart to do, well then do it! Fill out a registration form with details of your project. We’ll contact you, and once we’ve asked a few questions, we’ll list it on Kinnect, our social media, newsletters, and get you some volunteers!!

To start a project, please visit our How to Kinnect Page.

Kinnect needs funds to stable and reliable funding to continue our work. Your ongoing and stable support will help to create a better world and change lives.

Financial donations to Kinnect can be made with a direct deposit to this account details:

Account Number: Kindred Africa Community Development Foundation

Account Number: 0694369003

Bank Name: Access Bank

You can make material donations to Kinnect in the form of clothes, shoes and basic necessities that people need. Things donated will be distributed at the Annual Christmas Food Kitchen and throughout the year to provide relief to those in need or that have experienced a disaster. For donations please send an email to hello@gokinnect.org

There are others ways you can support Kinnect that do not require giving a donation. Go Social!

Use social media to raise awareness and attention for Kinnect events and for the causes and nonprofits we support. Use the hashtag #KinnectAdvocate and tag us o get featured on our social platforms.

By sharing our events and what Kinnect is doing on your social media platforms you are helping raise visibility and multiplying our impact.

Our Partners share our vision. Join them in partnering for good.