About The Kinnect Movement…

Kindred Africa Community Development Foundation (Kinnect) is a non-profit that was incorporated by the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission in March 2014 to promote and build volunteerism across the nation. The name Kinnect is a play on two words, which embody the heart of what we are about – Kin, and Connect.

Kinnect is a nonprofit with a connecting platform where people, ideas, and resources can interact to address some of the social and environmental issues facing society today – we call this Kinnecting. Part of our mantra is fun, and our goal is to ensure our volunteers have fun while making an impact, positive change, and contributing to society’s development!

Using volunteer’s skills and expertise to provide solutions for NGO’s, we help create connections for social change. To us, volunteering is a way of life. And that’s why the bulk of our work involves providing solutions to NGO’s day-to-day issues.

If you have a cause you are passionate about, Kinnect provides a platform that helps you initiate a project, and look for volunteers and resources to support!


Match corporations with NGOs

Kinnect matches corporations that are looking to give back, to credible NGOs and social enterprises that suit their corporate social responsibility agenda. We recruit suitable talent and resources to address corporate needs.

Recruit support for projects

Kinnect volunteers can start a project/event and recruit volunteers and resources for you. We take care of all the logistics that goes into planning and organizing humanitarian events.

Skill based volunteering

Use your expertise/skills to change the world. Everyday more and more people with different skills are partnering to build-up and support NGOs with their skills. You can be one of them too. Join us and support a cause with your skill.

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