What We Do

To connect volunteers with NGOs

We understand how difficult recruiting staff and finding volunteers for projects could be, we aim at providing a platform that harnesses volunteers and garners resources.

To create support for projects

Numerous projects have been stopped due to shortage of funds. We are set to ensure that every worthy project goes live by creating due awareness and massive supports.

To partner NGOs and Industries

We seek to create a link between NGOs and companies willing to engage in activities/projects, which are in line with their Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) objectives.

To make the world better

By creating a network of volunteers and organizations, we hope to encourage kinship in solving societal problems and promoting social equity.

To cater for the needy

Our kinship principle is strongly founded on the beliefs of a united society, we seek to create massive support for NGOs and less privileged.

To partner NGOs and Industries

The spirit of kinship unites us under a banner of love, care and formidable protection irrespective of race, to contribute to societal development.

To build the giving culture

We believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to help make society better, reliance must not be placed solely on the government.

To solve society problems

We provide a platform for garnering and resolving ideas from enthusiastic minds for society development and nation building.

To create awareness

We promote awareness of the individual’s social responsibility to nation building, and we have lots of fun.