How To Volunteer

Easy, follow the steps below. Once we’ve figured you out, we match you with organizations or projects based on their preferences including: location, passion/interests (e.g. health, education, women’s rights, etc), and skill set.
Steps To Volunteering

Step 1: Register as a Kinnect volunteer!

It’s simple. Fill out our online form. We ask a few questions to identify your interests and skills. Once we get a feel of what you’re about, we will let you know when an opportunity arises!

Step 2: Find a project and sign up
Once you’ve identified the right project, you can sign up as a volunteer. Once you signed up, we’ll send you more information on the specifics and logistics of the project, and organization.

Step3: Register and Start a project
You’ve had something on your heart to do, well then do it! Fill out a registration form with details of your project. We’ll contact you, and once we’ve asked a few questions, we’ll list it on Kinnect and get volunteers!

Start A New Project/Event Form

  • Project Description

  • Drop files here or
  • Project details

  • :
  • Focus area

  • Details of project owners (1 to 3, maximum of three)