What is Kinnect?

Kinnect is a connecting platform where people, ideas, and resources can interact to address some of the social and environmental issues facing society today. Our mission? Serve as a voice for promoting philanthropy, by making giving back impactful and promoting awareness, individual’s social responsibility to nation building, and also making giving back fun.

Why should I join the Kinnect movement?

To make the world a better place through our innovative and fun volunteer opportunities. Have fun and network – great way to meet like-minded people (become part of an exciting and fun network of people making a difference)

What makes Kinnect unique?

We aim to be your one stop shop for information on social causes and organizations. If there’s a volunteer opportunity, you’ll find it here!

We are a youth-led organization that understands that our volunteers are diverse people and sympathetic to a variety of causes, so we make sure that our network of NGOs and projects span a wide range of social issues.

Does Kinnect work only in Nigeria?

For now, but Kinnect is always looking for partnerships that expands internationally. For questions about becoming a corporate or social enterprise partner please contact us at hello@gokinnect.org

How does Kinnect choose NGOs and social initiatives to partner/support?

Kinnect partners with a wide range of organizations that are addressing a myriad of social and environmental issues. All nonprofit organizations that we partner with have been researched and vetted before becoming partners to ensure they are credible organizations. Rest assured, anything listed on our database has been screened, and passed the test.

Is Kinnect a Registered Organization?

Yes, Kinnect is a non-profit that was incorporated by the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission in March 2014 as Kindred Africa Community Development Foundation.

How do I become a Kinnect volunteer?

It’s simple, creating an account takes 1-2 minutes. Fill out our online form. We ask a few questions to identify your interests and skills. Once we get a feel of what you’re about, we will let you know when an opportunity arises that’s a perfect match for you.

Alternatively, volunteers can access the Kinnect calendar to get a general overview of activities, and sign up for what might interest them.
Volunteers may include students, youth corpers, workers, self-employed people and retirees… we’re all kin!

Are there requirements to be a volunteer?

None at all! All you need is a passion to make positive change to join the Kinnect movement

How much does it cost to use Kinnect?

Kinnect is free for volunteers and social enterprises. We strongly believe in making volunteering a way of life in Nigeria and the world at large.

Can I volunteer for more than one project at a time?

If you have the time, go for it!

What is skills-based volunteering?

It means using your expertise/ skills to change the world. This helps you build/ improve your knowledge/ skills.

You’re matched. Now what?

You are now an active Kinnect volunteer and ready to start changing the world. We’ll like you to keep us updated about how your volunteer experience is going because we at Kinnect realise that you’re our biggest asset and we want to make sure you’re getting the best experience.

I requested to start a project, what next?[

We will review this request and contact you for more information, when a decision has being made you’ll receive an email from us. If selected, we’ll list it on Kinnect to get you some volunteers and resources to implement your project!!

What happens when my initiated project is complete?

It would be featured on the Kinnect website.

How many projects can be started in one month?

2 Projects per month from Kinnect volunteers but we’ll have several events from our partner nonprofit organizations available to you year-round

How can I become a Kinnect partner?

For questions about becoming a corporate or social enterprise partner please contact us at hello@gokinnect.org

I want to donate - but where does my money go?

93% of every Naira donated goes to programs and just 7% goes towards administration (management, organizational structure and general).

Is there a minimum donation?

No. Any amount can make a difference.

Can I unsubscribe from Emails/Newsletters?

Yes, you can always opt-out or subscribe from our newsletters/emails.

Have a question not answered above?

Let us know at hello@gokinnect.org or gokinnect@gmail.com and we will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you.